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"I was pleasantly overwhelmed with phone calls for the first two weeks from the release of the publication, which immediately resulted in three full solid weeks of cleanings and many more leads. Two months later my phone is still ringing. Definitely recommend and continue to advertise with the Valley Quarterly!!!"

Jeff Smith

"Approximately 10% of all responding customers were first time buyers, and because of the special offer many of our return customers decided to purchase more..."

Wagner Wood

"We get a huge response from local homeowners - the ad always more than pays for itself and then some. And the shelf-life is incredible! People hold onto the magazines until the offers expire, sometimes much longer.

Jason Gale

"Valley Quarterly special offers helped us create the buzz we were looking for... we get more responses every time. Even after a year-plus in business, many of the coupons are from new customers that live nearby!"

Eric Moulton

"The Valley Quarterly brings more case-of-wine buying customers than the considerably more expensive newspaper and radio ads I used to run."

Steve Schechterle

"We have seen approximately 150 responses (in 3 weeks of a 3 month ad). Out of this number we have had 20 new first time customers."

Jim Greco

"We are getting a lot of new customers. We find that most people use the opportunity to have a full dining experience, ordering wine, appetizers and desserts with their meals."

Chris & Holly

"Valley Quarterly offers (that were locally mailed every three months or so) consistently outperformed weekly newsprint coupons with similar offers that were racked around the area for 'everyone' to grab."

Ken Shapiro

"Great little magazine - love finding Maow. I use 80% of the coupons! Thank you!"

P. McElroy, Florence

"Great ADS! Really liked the cover! Format was impressive!"

J. Simonson, Amherst

"...the Valley Quarterly helps me save money at establishments I frequent (and) gets me to try places I haven't been to."

J. Koldis, Montague

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