Changing the Face of Advertising in the Pioneer Valley Since 2003

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Connecting Local Businesses and Local Consumers Since 2003

What better way to reward loyal, local customers and entice new ones than with truly special, one-per-home offers directly mailed to 16,000 to 32,000 or more select homes in greater Amherst and/or Northampton?

When these unique offers arrive free and only by mail, they are cherished and gratefully redeemed by 100% local consumers.  Jim always tries to feature something for everyone in each household.

To do so, he collaborates with dozens of fellow business owners to print and mail attractive, glossy magazines four times a year at a fraction of what it would cost each business to do on their own.  These magazines also enjoy a far longer shelf life than solo postcards, and cost far less per local homeowner exposure than other media.

Thanks to the carefully targeted US Mail distribution system, attractive ads with convenient coupons, and front covers that appeal to most anyone, your ad’s duration and results can also be consistently awesome.  

Local consumers love our magazines and keep them handy, saving money for months with them, for each of the four seasons!  Our truly  special, limited-access offers can also help restaurateurs, merchants and professionals in four unique, sustainable ways:

  • Attract new, locally residing customers.
  • Thank existing local patrons.
  • Increase average sale amounts.
  • Increase overall sales volume and profits!


Jim has more than 25 years of sales experience (15+ in advertising), but never with any product or service that brought such a measurable return on his clients’ investments as this glossy, colorful, special savings magazine!

Jim Bothwell originally found the smart, effective and affordable format in a Connecticut bike shop in the Spring of 2003; the shop owner claimed a tenfold return on an ad in the same kind of direct-mailed, local business-oriented magazine for his area.

Having never heard a comparable claim from ANY advertising medium, Jim went out on a limb.  He collaborated with more than 30 local merchants and professionals and mailedValley Quarterly local savings magazines to homes in Amherst, MA and surrounding communities in September 2003. Shortly thereafter, similar magazines with the same masthead but a different set of local advertisers went out to Northampton-area homes by mail.

"Great little magazine - love finding Maow/Bella. I use many of the coupons! Thank you!"

P. McElroy, Florence Reader

"Great ADS! Really liked the cover! Format is impressive!"

J. Simonson, Amherst Reader

"...the Valley Quarterly helps me save money at establishments I frequent (and) gets me to try places I haven't been to."

J. Koldis, Montague Reader