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Valley Quarterly  direct mail advertising and

local consumer savings magazines are:


  • 100% delivered by US Mail, four times annually.
  • in select homes all year round, perused multiple times per household.
  • targeted to homeowners (over 90% “single family units”).
  • extremely popular with local Moms and families.
  • far less expensive per impression than other media.
  • more tangible in their returns on your investment.


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At least 90% Single Family Units 0

Over 80% Owner-Occupied 0

Valley Quarterly local savings magazines are 100% delivered by US Mail, with postage receipts always available to our advertisers upon request.  We carefully target 55,000 Central Pioneer Valley homes – more than 80% Owner-Occupied.  


Thanks to the myriad of attractive ads, many with special offers from popular local restaurants, retail stores and professionals, local families cherish and keep their copy handy for months, frequently seeing your ad.


Our well-designed ads are like billboards in the mail, but with multiple views per household regardless of which route they might drive home.   We’re far less expensive and with more measurable results!


Our proven campaigns start at well under $150/month, including professional ad design, printing & postage!  It’s ridiculous how cost-effective professionally collaborated direct mailing can be, especially when it’s done right.  


Since Fall 2003, we’ve never missed a seasonal mailing.  Many of our long-term advertisers pay in advance to get our best ad rates, knowing that, like the Post Office, we always deliver.  


Our best prices come with annual agreements and payments, but we offer monthly, quarterly and semi-annual payment arrangements, as well.  Our contracts are simple and straightforward.


We primarily deal directly with local business owners, face-to-face for at least the introductory process, so please call to make a commitment-free appointment.   Because advertising space is limited and we only distribute via USPS seasonally, we encourage new advertisers inquire sooner rather than later.


We time our mailings with local consumer trends – early Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter – so your business message can be in homes all year round!   We don’t promise exclusivity (that’s unlawful), but we won’t call on competing businesses while you’re advertising with us, either.  Retail and restaurants are exceptions, as they’re part of why consumers keep these exceptional magazines handy for months.


We’re also affiliated with Your Hometown Quarterly and Better Living Quarterly, similar publications that selectively reach well over 100,000 additional Connecticut River Valley homes in the Hartford/Springfield suburbs (regional map below).  Regional rates are as low as 1.9 cents per select Connecticut River Valley home (even less with prepay discounts).


We accept all major credit cards, checks or cash for ad payments.  We also offer email invoicing and ad proofing, plus secure online payment options through Intuit.


For an appointment to discuss specific rates, please call 413-349-9150.


Regional Mailing Map




"I was pleasantly overwhelmed with phone calls for the first two weeks from the release of the publication, which immediately resulted in three full solid weeks of cleanings and many more leads. Two months later my phone is still ringing. Definitely recommend and continue to advertise with the Valley Quarterly!!!"

Jeff Smith - Berkshire Brush

"Approximately 10% of all responding customers were first time buyers, and because of the special offer many of our return customers decided to purchase more..."

Wagner Wood - Amherst

"We get a huge response from local homeowners - the ad always more than pays for itself and then some. And the shelf-life is incredible! People hold onto the magazines until the offers expire, sometimes much longer.

Jason Gale - Advanced Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

"Valley Quarterly special offers helped us create the buzz we were looking for... we get more responses every time. Even after a year-plus in business, many of the coupons are from new customers that live nearby!"

Eric Moulton - Arizona Pizza Company

"The Valley Quarterly brings more case-of-wine buying customers than the considerably more expensive newspaper and radio ads I used to run."

Steve Schechterle - Deerfield Spirit Shoppe