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Coupon Facts

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Widely Used

77% of the United States population uses coupons.

Who Uses Them?

Mid-to-upper income households use coupons more often than do lower income households.

Huge Savings

Shoppers saved more than $3 billion in 2009 using coupons.

What In the Paper?

Over 50% of Sunday newspapers nationally are purchased for the coupons!

All Age Groups use Coupons!

75 %

Ages 18-24

78 %

Ages 25-34

81 %

Ages 35-44

79 %

Ages 45-54

80 %

Ages 55-64

72 %

Ages 65+

The above Information was provided by: PROMOTION MARKETING ASSOCIATION

Readership Statistics

75% of US Mail recipients peruse and keep the magazines

From a 2012 mailed advertising magazine reader poll.

use three or more special offers per issue 0

of those surveyed are women 0

look through each issue two or more times 0

keep their magazines for more several weeks or more 0

own their home 0

consider the magazine a main source of local business info & value 0

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