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Amherst Area: C. Freitag of Hadley, L. Holt of Shutesbury, and B. Wyszynski of Granby.

Northampton Area: M. Schmalz of Whately, H. Trenner of Florence, and T. Kwiecinski of Easthampton.

Every Quarter, 3 Winners from Each Area Will Be Chosen to Win Local Gift Certificates.


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Bella’s Paw Prints look like this, and hidden in three display ads in each mailing.

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    REQUIRED: EXCLUDING BUSINESSES THAT ALREADY ADVERTISE, name 3 Locally Owned businesses you want Bella to invite into the next mailing?

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    Bella’s Backstory

    Bella the Cat appeared under a porch in Williamsburg, MA in the Fall of 2009.  She was barely weaned, and the home was far from the road or any neighboring house.  Her history before that remains a mystery, but she was instantly loved by her founding family.

    Allergies, however, prevented these kind people form keeping the amazing, adorable kitten for more than a few weeks.  A mutual friend of that family and your favorite coupon magazine’s publisher implored that Bella – then called “Manilla” –  belonged in my feline-friendly home.

    I am forever indebted to that family, and especially to the friend that connected us, because Queen Bella has graced my life immeasurably with her warm gazes (most of the time), her remarkably soft underbelly (always), and her unconditionally loving companionship.

    It seems that thousands of fellow Pioneer Valley residents adore her, too!  Thanks for reading, and feel free to contact me with your favorite feline stories.

    -Jim Bothwell (