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Have You “Heard” About eBikes Yet?


You may have encountered one and not realized it even had a motor – they’re virtually silent and otherwise identical to “regular” bicycles.

Just as there’s a TV in most every household, however, low-speed electric-assist bicycles will soon find their way into nearly all American garages!  It’s already happening in much of the world…

Sweat-free commuting!


Still great workouts!

Recovering from Lyme Disease and heading toward my fifth decade, I basically let go of my passion for recreational Mountain Biking (MTBing) a few years ago. My craving for empty calories increased and my zest for life plummeted. Within six months of my first eBike’s arrival, however, I LOST 35 LBS and felt 20 years younger! My passion’s back, and I’m SMILING 90% of the time lately…

The thing is, it seldom FELT like a workout!

At least not DURING my rides.

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I was able to build up my conditioning slowly, at my own pace.  I used the motor’s help more in the beginning, but less and less with each ride…

I didn’t realize what was happening because it was SO MUCH FUN!!! 

Pedal-assist electric bikes can:


  • improve your health.

  • provide greener transportation.

  • get you RIDING with Friends and Family again!

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Low-speed eBikes are, by Federal definition, bicycles. They are not motorcycles, mopeds or scooters.

They have simple, low-power electric motors that will not propel the rider past 20 mph.

Just like regular bikes, they come in many types: road, casual, cargo and mountain to name a few.

eBike owners typically ride 10X more than traditional bike owners.

Studies have shown that eMTBs do no more damage to trails than traditional mountain bikes...when ridden responsibly of course!

If desired, you can easily burn as many calories per hour on an low-speed electric bike as you can on an unassisted bicycle. You can go farther in the same amount of time, adjusting the level of assistance on-the-fly.

eBikes are already mainstream in Europe and ubiquitous in Asia. My goal is to learn about and help expand local awareness of their many benefits, options etc.

Did you know that Valley Quarterly Publisher Jim Bothwell has a Master's Degree in Rehabilitation Psychology?