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Gift Certificates

Request your local discount gift certificates here.
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ALL Discount Gift Certificate Requests SUSPENDED

Until Further Notice

The authentic, merchant-issued gift cards and certificates listed below are not “pay & print” vouchers.  

LIMIT ONE (1) request per household for each discount certificate – up to FIVE (5) total from different businesses – every 12 months.  We like to spread the savings around and our supplies are limited.

Please do not use these discount certificates simultaneously with coupons or other discounts. 

Attempting to do so can be detrimental to local businesses, and potentially jeopardizes this program.


Three simple steps (please click each for details):

You Choose Gift Certificate(s) Below

Request certificates by clicking the corresponding buttons and entering your billing/mailing information below.  If you desire more than one, you’ll need to submit each request separately.


LIMIT ONE (1) request per household for each discount certificate – up to FIVE (5) total from different businesses – every 12 months.

We Email You an Invoice, Which You Pay

Your request(s) for discount certificate(s) will be Invoiced via email within a couple of business days.  If you make more than one request (up to 5 from different businesses), they’ll be shown on one Invoice.  Please note that, during the few weeks leading up to Valley Quarterly print deadlines, there may be delays in processing requests.

We Mail Your Certificate(s)

The Invoice can then be securely paid online via e-check or major credit card, or you can mail a check to the address on the Invoice.


You’ll have about a week to pay the Invoice.   If it goes unpaid for a few days, we’ll try to contact you again before cancelling your request after a week of non-payment/response.


Once payment clears, the certificate(s) will be mailed to you.

Discount Certificate Request Form


    Is shipping address the same as billing?



    Please do not leave or reload this page until you get a confirmation message above that your request was successfully submitted.

    We remove sold out and closed business certificates promptly, but you will only be invoiced for requests we can immediately fulfill. Check back periodically – we will add more certificates as they become available.


    Please be mindful that merchants have expenses and do not use these certificates in conjunction with coupons. Save coupons for future cash/credit transactions! When dining, always tip on full amount.


    All certificates sold are valid at specifically indicated vendors indefinitely (except where noted) and have zero cash redemption value.


    Terms and conditions of gift certificates/cards are determined by each individual issuer and by applicable state laws.   


    Discounted Gift Certificates/Cards in Massachusetts may not be used to purchase alcoholic beverages.  Lost or stolen gift certificates are not the responsibility of Publishing Collaborative, LLC or of the business for which it was purchased.  We encourage using certificates in a timely manner, and cannot be held responsible if an establishment closes after a purchase is made from us.  No refunds, exchanges or replacements will be offered.  Change in ownership sometimes qualifies as a closed merchant.